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About Memotree


We are a green innovation company, Creating secured and sustainable
memories storage on trees DNA.

We’ve found a new way to honor life.
by keeping memories alive & making Earth greener. 

Tropical Leaves

Eternal connection

A living memorial monument  Disk- On Tree.
Secured and sustainable legacy storage on the tree’s DNA . 

Science Lab

The Problem

Traditional gravestones and memorialization are expensive, not sustainable, and not suited for the current changes in the burial market.   


No real memory is left behind.

Our Philosophy

Memotree is an innovative ecologic company that brings new life literally to the memorization and legacy market. by creating “Disc On Tree”.  Memotree comprises passionate and committed founders with expertise in biotech and sustainability.

Eternal connection- memorial tree with DNA storage capabilities to keep your legacy alive and stay in touch with nature. 
A living monument: insertion of memory by encoding the DNA of the deceased in the Tree of Life.
Allows you to select a unique location and type of tree that characterizes your loved ones, A sensitive way for dealing with bereavement.
An affordable solution to the high costs of commemoration.    


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