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How It Works?


Through plant science technology lab that stores/downloads a small part of your memory within a living tree’s DNA. secured and sustainable storage preserved for ages. The storage dwells in every part and cell of the tree and can be observed by a DNA sequencing device plugged into a regular laptop. 

Eternal connection- memorial tree with DNA storage capabilities to keep your legacy alive and stay in touch with nature. 

  • A living monument: insertion of memory by encoding the DNA of the deceased in the Tree of Life.

  • Allows you to select a unique location and type of tree that characterizes your loved ones, A sensitive way for dealing with bereavement.

  • An affordable solution to the high costs of commemoration.    

In a nutshell...

Encryption & Storage

Encrypt your DNA files and store them inside the plant genome

Living Memory

Plant the tree or seeds, and watch your legacy grows 

Connect to Memory

Each part of the tree contains the whole storage, the memory can be read and decoded from every leaf with our device 


Memotree Method

Our solution is based on a natural phenomenon known for centuries called Agrobacterium. Species of soil bacteria transfer DNA to plant cells integrating into the plant genome for an inheritance to the next generation.


Plant transformation by Agrobacterium
(mediated transformation of trees)

Reading and decoding the Data

A living memorial monument  Disk- On Tree.
Secured and sustainable legacy storage on the tree’s DNA. 

This device can sequence (“read”) up to 30 GB of DNA sequence in one run

The device can be plugged and operate by a regular desktop

Today, DNA purification and preparation still need some lab equipment and expertise

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